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006: Let Go of the Things You Can’t Control…Focus On The Things You Can with Chloë Bregman

User Defenders podcast
User Defenders podcast
006: Let Go of the Things You Can’t Control...Focus On The Things You Can with Chloë Bregman

User Defenders "Creative Juggernaut" Chloë Bregman

Chloë Bregman inspires us to not get caught up with titles like UX Designer, but to find what we’re great at and focus our energy on building those strengths to build products that not only solve problems, but bring happiness to people. She reminds us to focus on the team and that all ideas are valuable. She also shares that the most satisfaction we’ll ever find in our work happens when we invest time in helping others.

Chloë Bregman is the Director of Design & Brand Experience at OneLogin where she leads a team of designers and developers. She’s a blogger who has a published article on TechCrunch. She’s the founder of Street Art SF which showcases the evolving art landscape throughout the San Francisco’s bay area. She’s also a wonderful human being who thrives on finding inspiration anywhere and investing in others everywhere.

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Artwork by Cesar Lemus | Editing by Chris Combs | Music by Wyman Gentry

Design is only as good as it is consistent. User Experience is in anything. It’s about peoples perceptions and responses. We’re just trying to anticipate a person’s use and help them through a process. When you’re in a great environment for design, you’re not fighting for your users.

Love, compassion and humility. When you love, you’ll be mindful. I have compassion for myself, my team and my users. When people feel safe to fail, people will take more risks and do more interesting things.

Visually it’s going to look like nothing we’re looking at right now. But, as to career it’s going to continually be a learning process, a way to integrate learnings, a way to observe people and create systems that allow them do what they need to get done or that will make them happy. We’ll have many more clear patterns for relating to a device. We’ll have more successful design that reaches a level of emotional satisfaction and intelligence on platforms that we already have a really strong language for.

Be really careful about whether you think you want to be a UX Designer or not. Let go of the label and just go out there and see what kind of designer you want to be. So many are attached to the label of UX Design that they are struggling to fit their magic into that label. The other thing is just to go out and build things. We all start somewhere. Study people, study sites. Pay attention to patterns and just build something. In the process of building things you will learn so much more than you could from all your time reading books. The most crippling thing when starting is lack of confidence. It’s important to remember that nobody knows any more information than you do right now about the problem you’re trying to solve. Your opinion and your ideas are just as good as theirs. Start somewhere and go out there because your ideas are valuable too.