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005: Surround Yourself with People That Reflect Who You Want to Become with Andi Galpern

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005: Surround Yourself with People That Reflect Who You Want to Become with Andi Galpern

User Defenders "Elle Faye" Andi Galpern

Andi Galpern inspires us to ask where do we want to go, and then encourages us to meet a mentor who can help take us there. She states that community is the key to becoming all we can be and that five minutes with the right person can change our lives.

Andi Galpern is founder of the design and technology organization Cascade SF. Located in the Bay Area, Cascade SF puts on events as a go-to space for designers to learn new skills, connect with industry leaders, mentor and stay relevant to the job market. She also is a fantastic designer and UX strategist who designs for human emotion.

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[RESOURCE] Your brain and the community. Pinterest is great for design inspiration. Revisiting 3rd grade and learning grammar, English and how to construct a really clean sentence. Because that’s the core of User Experience. You’re combining visuals and words and people have to be able to comprehend what you’re creating.
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Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to become. The people who appear superheroes are just every day people. We’re all the same, it’s just that one person spent a little more time investing in an area that helped them get there.

Empathy, thirst for knowledge and communication.

I think the future will include things related to security and privacy. We’re going to start paying more attention to humans and less on users. The future is making users feel more human.

Meet a mentor. Where do you want to be? There are so many areas of software design. Get to know the area that you love. Study and learn everything there is to know. Don’t be afraid to get your feet dirty. Make sure that you’re learning from the right source. Talk to as many people as possible, get involved in the community. Those people who really do know what they’re them, find people like them, pick their brains and use them as a model to get where you want to go.