There are scores of inspirational UX Designers out there who are doing outstanding, innovative work and helping to shape the future in their struggle to solve important design problems while fighting for the user.

In our highly accelerating world of technology, wearables and the connected life, there’s never been a better time to be a great UX Designer.

For those more recently diving in and gaining experience, it can be quite daunting to stay inpired and enlightened in this ever-changing/evolving landscape.

This podcast is aimed at highlighting those leading the way in their craft by diving deeper into who they are, and what makes them tick/successful, in order to inspire and equip those aspiring to do the same.

About The Host

I’ve been designing for Tim Berners-Lee’s “World Wide Web” via CRT monitors, 2400bps modems and a mere 216 colors since 1996.

Around that time, I fell in love with the marriage of design and technology and realized I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. Just shy of Y2K, that dream became (and still is) a reality.

I have been greatly inspired in my work by those design greats who came before me and helped blazed the trail.

I desire to use this podcast as an avenue to help inspire, enlighten and entertain those passionate about making a difference in their work and staying hungry and inspired in this exciting and ever-changing medium.