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004: Use the Materials You’re Given with Christopher Schmitt

User Defenders podcast

004: Use the Materials You’re Given with Christopher Schmitt

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User Defenders "Teleject" Christopher Schmitt

Christopher Schmitt reminds us to use the materials that we’re given and that we can learn something from everybody if we keep an open mind. He also encourages us to share what we know through exercising our superpower of writing and we can never go wrong with practicing kindness in our field.

Christopher Schmitt (Teleject) is a pioneer of Web Design. He’s a member of the Web Standards Project and author of several books including the O’Reilly published CSS Cookbook. He’s the Founder of Heatvision: a web design and new media publishing studio. He’s also cofounder of Environments for Humans, in which he hosts well-attended online conferences such as CSS Summit and jQuery Summit.

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[RESOURCE] Evernote
[BOOK] Understanding Comics
[BOOK] The Design of Everyday Things
[BOOK] Rocket Surgery Made Easy

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Artwork by Cesar Lemus | Editing by Chris Combs | Music by Wyman Gentry

You can learn something from everyone.

I make things better than when I first saw them.

Virtual reality, more animation and fluid interactions.

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. If you have some bad news, don’t send an email, pick up the phone and call. With the texting and devices and get off my lawn, just pick up the phone. Be able to politely disagree, and show positivity whenever you can. Have a strong portfolio online. Keep on blogging and sharing what you know.