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007: Focus More on Solving Problems and Less On Dribbble Likes with Rafal Tomal

User Defenders podcast
User Defenders podcast
007: Focus More on Solving Problems and Less On Dribbble Likes with Rafal Tomal

User Defenders "Typography Man" Rafal Tomal

Rafal Tomal inspires us to focus more on solving complicated problems for clients, and less on Dribbble likes. He also emphasizes the importance of keeping our UI and layouts minimal to make room for typography and especially to limit the number of choices we want our users to make to the most critical ones. He also inspires us to not shy away from starting with the most important tools we have…our brain, paper and a pencil.

Rafal Tomal (Typography Man) is the Lead Designer at Rainmaker Digital where he designs effective digital brands and experiences that convert for some of the most successful and respected digital entrepreneurs around. He’s also a blogger and eBook author focusing on teaching others how to make simple, smart, and effective designs that connect with the audience.

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Minimalism is a great benefit to effective design that converts. Give the user less choices by design and they won’t have to think as much about the important choices you want them to make. No matter what we think, it all comes back to typography. You can be successful working for someone else. If you find your way and work hard, the company can make you successful over time. Don’t be afraid to work for someone else.

Mind reading which is super-helpful when dealing with clients.

We’re going to study human behavior more deeply. Interactions with computers will be easier. It will be less about visual design. There’ll be less interface as we know today. It will be more about the interactions through our body movement, voice and gestures making those interactions as smooth, natural and human as possible.

Focus more on the users and how your design can solve their problems instead of the final visual outcome and how many likes you get on Dribbble. As designers, we naturally want to show off our work and receive affirmation. There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t let that define you, or be the only thing that helps you feel good about yourself as a designer.