061: Empathy as a Design Superpower with Jason Ogle

User Defenders podcast
061: Empathy as a Design Superpower with Jason Ogle

Jason Ogle proves that empathic design is not only possible, but essential in creating life-changing products and services. He enlightens us to our seldom talked about mirror neurons and the critical role they play in user testing. He shines a spotlight on incredibly powerful and moving examples of empathy in design. He also teaches us how empathy can not only be taught and learned, but practiced, because being great designer begins and ends with being a great human.

Jason Ogle is human, not dancer. He fails early and learns often. He’s a growth-minded, avid reader and listener whose vehicle is a rolling university, and a biz-minded, strategic designer who loves to make life better for his users. He’s a passionate user defender who fights for the users who are victims of bad design decisions. He’s an influential podcaster who uses the enchanting magic of audio to inspire and equip an audience of hungry and ambitious designers. He’s an evocative (often contrarian) writer who believeth in the power of the written word. He’s a self-aware and highly empathic servant-leader who believes that humans are so much more than resources. He’s also a loving husband, father of seven (one’s in heaven), and thankful believer who has a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe. Fun fact: He once had to get a manicure to be a hand-model for a tech ad, and he has a rare essay titled “Altars of Satan” given to him and signed by Eldridge Cleaver.

  • Intro Story (00:24)
  • What is Empathy? (5:04)
  • Mirror Neurons (9:14)
  • Still Face Experiment (11:17)
  • Mirror Neurons and Movies (15:59)
  • Inspiring Examples from IDEO (19:19)
  • Doug Dietz’s Empathy for Terminally Ill Children (23:35)
  • Margaret Hamilton’s Empathy for Apollo 11 (29:44)
  • Can We Grow in Empathy? (34:07)
  • Seth Godin Explaining Empathy (35:21)
  • Put Your Oxygen Mask on First (36:10)
  • Seth Godin on Faked Empathy (39:19)
  • Seth Godin on Being Indispensable in an AI World (40:57)
  • Empathy & Mindfulness (43:23)
  • Rise to the Empathy Challenge (45:55)

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054: UX Research on a Budget with Becca Kennedy

User Defenders podcast
054: UX Research on a Budget with Becca Kennedy

Becca Kennedy teaches us how to do UX research on a budget. She encourages newer designers to demonstrate their problem-solving superpowers by redesigning sub-par experiences they use regularly. She reminds us that users are human before they’re users. She also shows us how we can have anything in life we want, if we will just help others get what they want.

Becca Kennedy is a Human Factors Psychologist and a UX Researcher/Designer. After an academic career designing and evaluating healthcare training technology, she turned independent and co-founded a UX consulting company called Kennason in 2015 out of Albany, NY. Currently, Becca is the UX Designer for Agrilyst, an agriculture-tech startup based in Brooklyn. She also keeps busy with consulting projects and volunteering with organizations like AIGA Upstate New York. She was recently recognized by the Albany Business Review as a 40 Under 40 awardee. Fun Fact: She has three tattoos, and all are kind of nerdy: a symbolic nod to getting through a PhD program, a subtle Star Wars X-Wing, and a piece of the original Epcot branding in Walt Disney World.

  • Becca’s Tattoo’s Origin Story (5:31)
  • Why Psychology? (6:26)
  • What is Human Factors? (11:43)
  • How do we find research subjects? (24:06)
  • The Law of Diminishing Returns (31:16)
  • Awkward Testing Story (32:57)
  • Design Superpower (39:14)
  • Design Kryptonite (40:48)
  • Coping with Imposter Syndrome (44:49)
  • UX Superhero Name (49:10)
  • Should we Call Them Users? (53:45)
  • Fights for Users (56:33)
  • Habit of Success (59:11)
  • Invincible Resource (61:54)
  • Recommended Book (63:54)
  • Best Advice (66:09)
  • Contact Info (70:07)

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032: There is No There with Sarah Doody

User Defenders podcast
User Defenders podcast
User Research
032: There is No There with Sarah Doody

User Defenders "Doodle" Sarah Doody

Sarah Doody inspires us to break out of our comfort zones early & often if we want to achieve great things. She teaches us that our drawings should serve more as a communication tool than an art project. She encourages us to tap into our superpowers of using both sides of our brain. She also motivates us to not let anything stand in the way of becoming great at our craft.

Sarah Doody is a user experience designer and product strategist based in New York City. She helps product teams create products people need and love. She does this through smart and fast research, prototyping, and experience design. She produces a highly acclaimed weekly newsletter called the UX Notebook. She created and taught General Assembly’s first 12 week User Experience program back in 2011. She was originally going to be a neuroscientist.

  • Secret Identity/Origin Story (4:38)
  • Biggest Superhero (8:48)
  • Biggest Failure (11:26)
  • Awkward Testing Story (16:07)
  • Design Superpower (19:34)
  • Design Kryptonite (23:56)
  • Design Superhero Name (29:32)
  • Fight For Users (34:21)
  • Habit Of Success (36:44)
  • Invincible Resource (43:16)
  • Book Recommendation (45:06)
  • Best Advice (48:11)
  • Contact Info (50:39)

Sarah’s Twitter
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[VIDEO] Hillman Curtis
[VIDEO] Catapulting Chance into your Stupid Head
[VIDEO] Greg McKeown: “Essentialism”
[RESOURCES] Sketch, InVision, Reddit, LinkedIn
[BOOK] Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

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020: Stay Enchanted with Jeffrey Zeldman (Part II)

User Defenders podcast
Web Design
020: Stay Enchanted with Jeffrey Zeldman (Part II)

User Defenders "Zeld Man" Jeffrey Zeldman

Don’t miss Part I of this unforgettable interview with Jeffrey Zeldman.

Jeffrey Zeldman inspires us to not underestimate our users by always testing our assumptions–because we’re often wrong. He reminds us of the tremendous value of writing and synthesizing our thoughts. He teaches us to never underrate our gut instincts. He also encourages us to stay enchanted in our work.

Jeffrey Zeldman is the Godfather of Web Design, and unquestionably the greatest friend of the Web. He’s a guy behind highly esteemed Web Design content initiatives such as A List Apart, An Event Apart and A Book Apart. He’s a prolific speaker and heavily influential blogger. He’s the Author of the our industry’s staple: Designing with Web Standards. He’s the host of The Big Web Show. He’s also the founder of renown Web Design studio Happy Cog. Back in the day, he played synth and Casiotone with The Insect Surfers, a DC post-punk techno-surf band.

Jeffrey’s Twitter
Jeffrey’s Website

[RESOURCE] I think it’s your brain. Everything else is replaceable. If you’re bored, start learning something new. If you’re bored, you shouldn’t be in this field. If you’re restless and easy easily distracted–that’s good. That means you’ll keep learning.
[BOOK] Don’t Make Me Think

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