048: Pick Yourself with Cassie McDaniel

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048: Pick Yourself with Cassie McDaniel

Cassie McDaniel inspires us to get away from the ‘pick me’ mindset, and to pick ourselves. She challenges us to be willing to kill our darlings so that something better can emerge. She teaches us the importance of knowing our values, but also embracing the fact that they are going to change. She also encourages us to not just do what we’re good at, but do what we enjoy.

Cassie McDaniel runs a small, ambitious, friendly design studio with her husband called Jane & Jury. As previous Design Director at the Mozilla Foundation, she led a team of designers on the organization’s advocacy and digital literacy fronts. She founded the interview series Women&&Tech and runs a creative event and workshop series called Paris Lectures. She grew up in Florida, jumped around in England, and is now based an hour outside Toronto in rural Ontario, where she is deeply invested in the roots she puts down into her community both locally and online. She’s both a national champion collegiate water polo player, and a published poet.

  • Secret Identity (8:27)
  • Origin Story (20:56)
  • Being Mozilla Foundation’s Design Director (24:09)
  • Biggest Failure (36:36)
  • Kill Your Darlings (40:24)
  • Design Superpower (52:54)
  • Habit of Success (62:59)
  • Invincible Resource (67:39)
  • Best Advice (70:33)

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006: Let Go of the Things You Can’t Control…Focus On The Things You Can with Chloë Bregman

User Defenders podcast
User Defenders podcast
006: Let Go of the Things You Can’t Control...Focus On The Things You Can with Chloë Bregman

User Defenders "Creative Juggernaut" Chloë Bregman

Chloë Bregman inspires us to not get caught up with titles like UX Designer, but to find what we’re great at and focus our energy on building those strengths to build products that not only solve problems, but bring happiness to people. She reminds us to focus on the team and that all ideas are valuable. She also shares that the most satisfaction we’ll ever find in our work happens when we invest time in helping others.

Chloë Bregman is the Director of Design & Brand Experience at OneLogin where she leads a team of designers and developers. She’s a blogger who has a published article on TechCrunch. She’s the founder of Street Art SF which showcases the evolving art landscape throughout the San Francisco’s bay area. She’s also a wonderful human being who thrives on finding inspiration anywhere and investing in others everywhere.

Chloë’s Website
Chloë’s Twitter
Street Art SF
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