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Part II: Mixed Reality & the Future of Design with Austin Knight

User Defenders podcast
User Defenders podcast
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Part II: Mixed Reality & the Future of Design with Austin Knight

Mixed Reality & the Future of Design with Austin Knight

In case you missed Part I

“Do yourself a favor and show this to as many people as you possibly can, because this is going to be the world that we’ll be living in. Being able to show this to somebody and see that click happen, and hear them say, ‘Oh my God, my whole life just changed’ is a really cool thing to witness.” – Austin Knight

This entire conversation is an exploration into what Austin believes is the biggest renaissance for design and technology since the invention of the PC.

We both bring our own unique roles to this conversation. I initially take on the role of one who’s sincerely concerned with the social/cultural implications of having a device strapped on our heads, or spectacles always drawing our attention away from the human right in front of us. However, like in any good story, you will see my character arc in this very special two-part series when we uncover the potential of just how much good these nascent technologies can do for humans.

Austin’s role in the conversation is as one I like to call a glad scientist. He’s been diving deep into VR, AR, and the new cool kid on the block…MR (Mixed Reality) for quite some time now and as you can hear in his voice and articulation of where we are now, and especially where we’re going, is super-excited about what this means for designers, problem-solving and even entirely untapped revenue streams.

Fasten your seatbelt Toto…because we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore!

Labster (virtual science labs)
Lowe’s turns to virtual reality for home improvement
Google Earth VR
Journalism (Washington Post VR Room)
Chris Milk: How virtual reality can create the ultimate empathy machine [VIDEO]
The Future of Virtual Reality | Phil Kauffold [VIDEO]
Silicon Valley (Oculus Headset)
Racist Soap Dispenser [VIDEO]
Casey Yee on UX & Growth
Reticle (Pattern)
Snap Spectacles
Sunglasses at night [VIDEO]
Google’s secret VR weapon is Project Tango
Mozilla Web VR (aFrame Open Source)
Sony Playstation VR
8I (Holograms and Volumetric VR)
NVIDIA (Graphics Processing VR/AR)

Google Cardboard
Apple ARKit
Blender (3D Modeling)
Unity 3D
HTC Vive

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Austin Knight is a Senior UX Designer at Hubspot where his work impacts more than 8 million visitors per month. He’s an international speaker and author. He’s a fellow podcaster co-hosting the UX & Growth podcast. He serves as a UX and IxD mentor at Columbia University and General Assembly. He also has a popular UX Design blog and newsletter at Fun fact about Austin: He’s terrified of flying. Even though he flew 150,000 miles last year and has willingly jumped out of three planes skydiving…he has yet to overcome that fear.

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