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001: The Lines Between Designer and Developer are Starting to Blur with Daniel Hooper

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001: The Lines Between Designer and Developer are Starting to Blur with Daniel Hooper

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User Defenders Daniel Hooper

Daniel Hooper declares that any designer who desires to code, can and even should. He shares about how the industry still has a lot to learn from the amazing things that have been accomplished (and sadly forgotten) by the brilliant software design engineers of old. He also shares his excitement of how prototyping really is design now, and how as designers we need to balance modern trends with an understanding of first principals and the root truths that are not going to change over time.

Daniel Hooper is a former Apple engineer and creator of the exciting new prototyping software application Principal. He designed and engineered a super-innovative iOS keyboard concept and the YouTube video is approaching a million views. He’s also created some creative game concepts like “Percepto” for iOS.

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[VIDEO] Inventing on Principle

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There’s a lot of brilliance in how software was designed & engineered in the early days that we should not ignore and should even reference for inspiration in our software today.

Supernatural strength in design and engineering

Over time I think the word prototyping will fall out of use, and what we think of prototyping will just be design. The lines between designer and developer will start to blur and that’s what really excites me.

I’d recommend reading a lot. There are a lot of trends going on today that I wouldn’t recommend. Hamburger menu has become the junk drawer of apps. You need to balance the modern trends with an understanding of first principals. Psychology, animation, things that aren’t going to change with trends so you can measure current trends against root truths that you know are not going to change over time.