066: Is Web Design Dead? with Jeffrey Zeldman

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066: Is Web Design Dead? with Jeffrey Zeldman

Jeffrey Zeldman answers the provocative question, “Is Web Design Dead?”. He enlightens us to what the Web was, where it’s at now, and where it could go in the future. He touches on the many short-sighted predictions that tend to prod our delicate psyches such as automation and new technologies poised to replace Web Designers. He encourages us to ignore the rhetoric and continue to learn as tools change how Web Design is done. He also emphasizes that the Web was built on sharing, and that we must continue to share if we want to not only protect its spirit, but keep it alive and thriving.

Jeffrey Zeldman is the Godfather of Web Design, and unquestionably the greatest friend of the Web. He’s a guy behind highly esteemed Web Design content initiatives such as A List Apart, An Event Apart and A Book Apart. He’s a prolific speaker and heavily influential blogger. He’s the Author of the our industry’s staple: Designing with Web Standards. He’s the host of The Big Web Show. He’s also the founder of renown Web Design studio Happy Cog. Back in the day, he played synth and Casiotone with The Insect Surfers, a DC post-punk techno-surf band.

  • Godfather of Web Design (3:58)
  • Is Web Design Dead? (5:58)
  • Moving to In-House Design (12:59)
  • Opposition (21:25)
  • How’d It Make You Feel? (26:14)
  • Ask Customer Service First (31:20)
  • Small Business Owners and The Web (39:27)
  • Early Days of The Web (41:13)
  • Keeping the Spirit Alive (49:40)

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