Hitting Pause (2022)

User Defenders podcast
User Defenders: Podcast – UX Design & Personal Growth
Hitting Pause (2022)

Life and career (re)focus this year have brought me to a place where I need to hit pause on this show’s production for the foreseeable future. Check out this broadcast for further info on this.

Keep fighting the good fight, dear Defender!

👊 Jason


I’m a highly self-aware design servant-leader with over 25 years experience leading and crafting digital experiences that solve complex problems, delight the users, and exceed business outcomes. As a seasoned HCI practitioner, I’m passionate about designing thoughtful, innovative and elegant user interfaces and interactions that reduce friction and make life better for the users. I’m comfortable with ambiguity and borderline obsessed with solving problems. As a personal growth/mindset enthusiast, I’m convinced that being a great designer begins and ends with being a great human. I’m also the founder, host and producer of the industry-leading/celebrated User Defenders Podcast.

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Help me keep User Defenders: Podcast on the air…

User Defenders podcast
User Defenders: Podcast – UX Design & Personal Growth
Help me keep User Defenders: Podcast on the air...

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Creating and running a podcast like User Defenders is not only a ton of work, but also very expensive.

Each episode costs $200-300 to put into the world, not to mention the recurring monthly/annual costs for software, hosting, CDN, Web dev, and more I won’t bore you with.

Sponsors are what have made this show possible and kept the lights on since 2015, but sponsor dollars are scarce and unreliable.

I also don’t want to just keep the lights on, but continue to grow the show (what got you here, won’t get you there). I am envisioning some amazing things to continue happen and branch out from this purposeful, mission-minded entity. In addition to continuing to release the best UX podcast content in the Universe, organizing & running UD Community (and all the ongoing special training/events happening there), I’m currently trying to get a UD Mentors program off the ground, as well as even thinking about organizing a UD Conference one day.

Making these exciting things a reality, in addition to keeping the lights on on the podcast, will only be truly possible with your consistent support.

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I encourage you to check out the Patreon page (https://www.userdefenders.com/support) where you can read the complete story of why I launched this support campaign, see a video from me, and learn more about the reward tiers you can receive, as you consider tangibly supporting this show for whatever amount you’re comfortably able to contribute each month.

You’re why I do this, and would like to continue to…

Fight on my friends!

Jason Ogle
Your host and friend

Hitting Pause…

User Defenders podcast
User Defenders podcast
User Defenders: Podcast – UX Design & Personal Growth
Hitting Pause...

Tired superheroes

After nearly a year of consistent podcasting, it’s time for me to hit pause…

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