059: Writing for Designers with Scott Kubie

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059: Writing for Designers with Scott Kubie

Writing for Designers with Scott Kubie on User Defenders

Scott Kubie shows us how writing is designing with words. He reminds us that someone has to be the writer, and it’s our job to know who that person is. He calls on us to take up the task of writing when nobody else can, and warns of what leaving it till the end will do. He also shares some neat tricks to spur momentum and overcome those intimidating blank pages.

Scott Kubie is the Lead Content Strategist at Brain Traffic, and the author of Writing for Designers from A Book Apart. He can be found online at kubie.co, and in person at various grungy rock clubs around the Twin Cities. Since 2010, Scott has delivered over sixty public talks and workshops on writing, content strategy, and user experience design to audiences of designers, developers, artists, makers, and more. His academic career was marked by several superlatives for “Best Hair”.

  • Why Do We Forget About Writing? (6:30)
  • What’s Wrong with Lorem Ipsum? (9:36)
  • Present the Problem Before the Visuals (12:57)
  • Are Designers Expected to Be Writers? (15:55)
  • The Rough-In Process (20:08)
  • Getting Approval Through Stakeholder Participation (24:11)
  • Putting It All Together (30:12)
  • IKEA Instructions with Words (37:43)
  • Edit Yourself Later (41:49)
  • How to Level Up (47:10)

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014: Design Write with Khoi Vinh

User Defenders podcast
User Defenders podcast
014: Design Write with Khoi Vinh

User Defenders "Mr. Subtraction" Khoi Vinh

Khoi Vinh teaches us that designers can do their best work by drawing on many different sources and working on different challenges simultaneously. A big fan of breaking large problems up into actionable chunks and making lists of all those things that need to get done, Vinh enjoys articulating the value of the design process to colleagues and executives. And for a guy with his hand in some of the latest new software tools for mobile, his advice for getting better at your design may surprise you: write.

Khoi Vinh (Mr. Subtraction) is an experience designer, prolific blogger, and the Principal Designer at Adobe. He has already and continues to make huge impacts in the creation of tools and methods toward designing on-the-go using mobile devices. He’s the former New York Times Design Director and one of the 50 most influential designers in America according to Fast Company. He’s also an author who’s written books like “Ordering Disorder”, “Grid Principles For Web Design”, and recently released “How They Got There” that interviews top designers and how they got where they are which is a great parallel and compliment to this show.

@Khoi on Twitter
Khoi’s Website
[MOVIE] Design is One: Lella & Massimo Vignelli
[BOOK] How They Got There by Khoi Vinh
[BOOK] The Inmates Are Running the Asylum by Alan Cooper

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