017: The Value of the Theory is in the Application with Victor Yocco

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017: The Value of the Theory is in the Application with Victor Yocco

User Defenders "Dr. Persuasion" Victor Yocco

Victor Yocco teaches us that standing out in our work involves identifying human needs, and always being willing to address them. He enlightens us that failure leads to greater things, but our motivation should be not to fail. He shows us how practicing perseverance is a great habit to get into because it always pays off. He also expounds upon his noble and provocative message that it’s okay to not drink in office and industry events.

Victor Yocco is an author of the Manning Publications release Design for the Mind: Seven Psychological Principals of Persuasive Design. He’s an active speaker who’s been invited to speak at notable UX conferences such as IXPA and IA Summit. He’s a prolific blogger who’s published articles on Smashing Magazine and A List Apart. His interests and expertise include the application of psychological theory to digital design, user research, innovation and reducing the abuse of alcohol in design and tech. He’s also a husband and father and has engaged in guerrilla research while standing in front of gorillas.

  • Secret Identity (3:37)
  • Origin Story (9:00)
  • Biggest Superhero (16:19)
  • Second Career Choice (20:37)
  • Biggest Failure (23:22)
  • Awkward User Testing (32:14)
  • Design Superpower (37:25)
  • Design Kryptonite (38:22)
  • Design Superhero Name (42:11)
  • Fight For Users (43:14)
  • Future of UX Design (45:27)
  • One Habit (49:56)
  • Invincible Resource (55:10)
  • Book Recommendation (57:28)
  • Best Advice (1:03:54)
  • Most Excited About (1:05:07)

Victor’s Website
Victor’s Twitter
[ARTICLE] Incorporating Social Identity Theory Into Design
[ARTICLE] What It’s Like to be a Recovering Alcoholic in an Office Where Booze is Everywhere

[RESOURCE] Join.me
[BOOK] Don’t Make Me Think

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