067: Design for How People Think with John Whalen

067: Design for How People Think with John Whalen

Dr. John Whalen teaches us what it means to design for how people think. He reveals the powerful principals behind what he calls the six minds of user experience, and explains how anybody can harness them to build better products (no doctorate degree required!). He reminds us that it takes serious research to reveal the deep insights that genuinely make our products successful for the user and the business. He also encourages us to understand that no one is more qualified than anyone else in solving unique problems.

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John Whalen is the founder and Lead of Psychological Insights & Innovation at Brilliant Experience. He is an international speaker, and author of the recently published book Design for How People Think: Using Brain Science to Build Better Products (O’Reilly). John helps businesses use psychological research to strategically position their products, services, and marketing. He has a PhD in Cognitive Science and 15+ years of experience working in user research and product design with Fortune 500 companies and design agencies including Google, PayPal, Bloomberg, eBay, Cisco, Capital One, and Johns Hopkins. Little known fun filled facts: He’s camped North of the Arctic Circle on 12 feet of ice and he’s a green-eyed, left-handed Psychology PhD, making him (statistically at least) 1-in-a-million.

  • Psychology and UX (5:04)
  • Six Minds of Experience (8:48)
  • Impact of Psychology (10:54)
  • Acronym Cheat Sheet (16:03)
  • Three Phone Numbers (17:08)
  • Dark Psychology (25:21)
  • Designing for Delight (31:24)
  • Contextual Inquiries (42:50)
  • Upside-Down Design (49:37)
  • Design Superpower (56:09)
  • Design Kryptonite (57:04)
  • UX Superhero Name (58:43)
  • Habit of Success (59:05)
  • Recommended Book (1:08:02)
  • Best Advice (1:10:38)

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049: User Research War Stories with Steve Portigal

User Research
User Research
049: User Research War Stories with Steve Portigal

Steve Portigal challenges us to enjoy the silence when interviewing people. He teaches us the importance of rapport-building, and offers sage advice on how to do it. He shows us how sticking with an interview even when it’s not going well can sometimes bring forth the best data. He also reveals how a little empathy can go a long way in field research.

Steve Portigal helps companies to think and act strategically when innovating with user insights. Based outside of San Francisco, he is principal of Portigal Consulting, and the author of two books: The classic Interviewing Users: How To Uncover Compelling Insights and the new, Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries: User Research War Stories. He’s also the host of the Dollars to Donuts podcast, where he interviews people who lead user research in their organizations. Steve is an accomplished presenter who speaks about culture, innovation, and design at companies and conferences across the globe. Steve hated Cats (the musical) – he’s okay with cats the animal, and he’s never seen Forrest Gump.

  • Secret Identity (8:08)
  • Origin Story (12:19)
  • What drives your curiosity? (24:53)
  • Roberta ‘call me Bert’s war story (29:28)
  • What’s Ethnography (the “E-word”) (38:32)
  • Rapport-building tips (46:51)
  • Brian’s war story (55:21)
  • UX Superhero Name (66:28)
  • Habit of Success (75:06)
  • Steve’s Corset War Story (78:39)
  • Best Advice (84:53)
  • Contact Info (88:33)

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032: There is No There with Sarah Doody

User Defenders podcast
User Research
User Research
032: There is No There with Sarah Doody

User Defenders "Doodle" Sarah Doody

Sarah Doody inspires us to break out of our comfort zones early & often if we want to achieve great things. She teaches us that our drawings should serve more as a communication tool than an art project. She encourages us to tap into our superpowers of using both sides of our brain. She also motivates us to not let anything stand in the way of becoming great at our craft.

Sarah Doody is a user experience designer and product strategist based in New York City. She helps product teams create products people need and love. She does this through smart and fast research, prototyping, and experience design. She produces a highly acclaimed weekly newsletter called the UX Notebook. She created and taught General Assembly’s first 12 week User Experience program back in 2011. She was originally going to be a neuroscientist.

  • Secret Identity/Origin Story (4:38)
  • Biggest Superhero (8:48)
  • Biggest Failure (11:26)
  • Awkward Testing Story (16:07)
  • Design Superpower (19:34)
  • Design Kryptonite (23:56)
  • Design Superhero Name (29:32)
  • Fight For Users (34:21)
  • Habit Of Success (36:44)
  • Invincible Resource (43:16)
  • Book Recommendation (45:06)
  • Best Advice (48:11)
  • Contact Info (50:39)

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[BOOK] Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

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