021: Designing for Happiness with Drew Lepp

User Defenders podcast
User Defenders podcast
021: Designing for Happiness with Drew Lepp

User Defenders "Pizazz" Drew Lepp

Drew Lepp encourages us to learn the business side of technology in order to achieve greater success with our designs. She encourages us to always know why we’re doing what we’re doing, and to be able to clearly articulate why every element on the page is there. She inspires us to fight on in our work especially when we grow weary because what we’re doing can make a world of difference in the lives of many. She also motivates us to be our authentic selves and to follow our values and what we think is important.

Drew Lepp (Pizazz) is the UX Director and Co-Founder at TimeKat which is a delightful time tracking, task and project management tool. She’s runs her own UX Design consulting biz where she designs incredibly beautiful and usable digital experiences. She believes in putting her heart into everything she creates while focusing on delivering thoughtfully simple experiences that are engaging, compelling, memorable and fun. She lives almost entirely on sugary snacks.

  • Secret Identity/Origin Story (2:27)
  • Biggest Superhero (12:02)
  • Second Career Choice (14:18)
  • Biggest Failure (17:38)
  • How Do You Measure Delight? (26:04)
  • Awkward Testing Story (30:38)
  • Design Superpower (36:05)
  • Design Kryptonite (38:30)
  • Fight For Users (49:10)
  • Design Superhero Name (52:55)
  • Future Of UX Design (54:10)
  • Habit Of Success (59:55)
  • Invincible Resource (1:02:30)
  • Book Recommendation (1:04:49)
  • Best Advice (1:08:00)
  • Advice On Color Usage (1:10:20)
  • Most Excited About (1:16:25)
  • Contact Info (1:18:26)

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007: Focus More on Solving Problems and Less On Dribbble Likes with Rafal Tomal

User Defenders podcast
User Defenders podcast
007: Focus More on Solving Problems and Less On Dribbble Likes with Rafal Tomal

User Defenders "Typography Man" Rafal Tomal

Rafal Tomal inspires us to focus more on solving complicated problems for clients, and less on Dribbble likes. He also emphasizes the importance of keeping our UI and layouts minimal to make room for typography and especially to limit the number of choices we want our users to make to the most critical ones. He also inspires us to not shy away from starting with the most important tools we have…our brain, paper and a pencil.

Rafal Tomal (Typography Man) is the Lead Designer at Rainmaker Digital where he designs effective digital brands and experiences that convert for some of the most successful and respected digital entrepreneurs around. He’s also a blogger and eBook author focusing on teaching others how to make simple, smart, and effective designs that connect with the audience.

Rafal’s Website
Rafal’s Twitter

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