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Mindful Technology with Liza Kindred

Liza Kindred challenges us to be more mindful in how we use and design technology. She offers us a value system on how to do just that. She encourages us to slow down and incorporate meditation and mindfulness practices into our daily lives. She reminds us to connect more with the real humans physically present with us. She also inspires us to design for the world we want to live in.

Liza Kindred is an author, speaker, and the founder of Mindful Technology. She has spent twenty years working in fashion and in technology, eventually specializing in wearable tech. The more Liza helped develop technologies to be worn on our bodies, the more she became alarmed about the lack of attention being paid to whether these devices were serving us… or the other way around. As a meditation teacher, a student of Shambhala Buddhism, and a reiki practitioner, Liza has had a front row seat to to the realities of how drastic the difference is between how we want our lives to be shaped, and what kinds of technologies we continue to build. Liza has worked with some of the top companies in fashion and in tech, including VOGUE Magazine, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, Hearst Media, Time Inc, Microsoft, Cisco, Vodafone, and Amazon. Liza has been written about by The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Financial Times, Fast Company Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal Market Watch and many more.

Fun Fact: She’s been an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church for 15 years. She was internet-ordained to officiate at her friend’s wedding and it has built from there. All five couples she’s married are still together to this day!

  • What is Mindful Technology? (6:50)
  • Benefits of practicing Mindful Tech? (9:23)
  • How do you mitigate FOMO? (24:46)
  • Smartphone addiction in the home (30:10)
  • Implications if we don’t practice mindful tech? (40:52)
  • How do we design for human connection? (47:39)
  • How can we inspire others to be more mindful with tech? (56:56)
  • What would your last words be to designers influencing tech? (67:20)
  • Liza’s “Eff This” book (71:35)
  • Jason’s mindfulness tip (76:17)

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