028: Be Persistent with Chris Coyier

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028: Be Persistent with Chris Coyier

User Defenders "CSS Man" Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier teaches us that if we care about succeeding in something, we need to be willing to persist for a long time. He inspires us to grab hold of the joy that comes from building for ourselves, too. He encourages us to not just use a framework because we’re “supposed to”, but to use whatever tool is right for the job. He also enlightens us to the superpower of using SVG in practical ways.

Chris Coyier is the founder of everybody’s favorite CSS resource CSS-Tricks, and the author of newly released A Book Apart published “Practical SVG“. He’s a fellow podcaster co-hosting the Shop Talk Show. He co-founded the incredibly innovative web coding playground, CodePen. He loves to share his knowledge as an international speaker and avid blogger. His life goal is to be a banjo player in an old time string band.

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004: Use the Materials You’re Given with Christopher Schmitt

User Defenders podcast
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004: Use the Materials You're Given with Christopher Schmitt

Christopher Schmitt "Teleject" on User Defenders: Podcast

Christopher Schmitt reminds us to use the materials that we’re given and that we can learn something from everybody if we keep an open mind. He also encourages us to share what we know through exercising our superpower of writing and we can never go wrong with practicing kindness in our field.

Christopher Schmitt is a pioneer of Web Design. He’s a member of the Web Standards Project and author of several books including the O’Reilly published CSS Cookbook. He’s the Founder of Heatvision: a Web Design and new media publishing studio. He’s also co-founder of Environments for Humans, in which he hosts well-attended online conferences such as CSS Summit and jQuery Summit.

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