Animation at Work with Rachel Nabors

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Animation at Work with Rachel Nabors

Animation at Work with Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors gives us a deep-dive into the art & science of web animation. She motivates us to sell animation as a UX enhancement, rather than a delight factor. She also exhorts us to animate ethically and responsibly.

Rachel Nabors began telling stories online as a teenager with her award-winning web comics. Her love of web technologies transformed into a career in front end development, where she has worked with Mozilla, the W3C, and currently Microsoft to build the web forward. She tends the web animation community via the Animation at Work Slack and her web animation newsletter Web Animation Weekly. She recently wrote an A Book Apart book called Animation at Work: a book on using animation in web design. When she isn’t traveling the world, giving talks and kissing puppies, she can be found perched in Seattle, sipping a cup of fancy tea! She also used to be an award-winning independent cartoonist with 400k teenage girls reading her weekly comics on an iVillage site.

  • Animation Origin Story (5:44)
  • Getting Animation Buy-off (14:01)
  • Animation is Not About Delight (20:47)
  • Do I Have to Draw to Animate? (33:42)
  • Web Animation Resources (36:41)
  • Future of Banner Ads (46:27)
  • Listener Question (50:59)
  • 24 Hour Comic (55:44)

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How to Sell Web Animation [ARTICLE]
24 Hour Comic on Amazon Prime [VIDEO]

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New Season Teaser Reel

User Defenders podcast
User Defenders podcast
Special Episodes
New Season Teaser Reel

New Season Starts 6/12

If you’re seeing this on your podcast player, you can also watch the video here.

Greetings User Defenders!

The new season is starting June 12th and I could not be more excited to share it with you. So much so that I put together a teaser reel. Oh, and I put myself in front of a camera for the first time. Hope this is the start of a new trend for me.

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I hope you enjoy this, and again thank you for being a faithful User Defender!

Until June 12th…fight on my friends!