038: We Need More Crappy Work with Femke

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038: We Need More Crappy Work with Femke
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User Defenders Femke

Femke encourages us to take pride in our process by being willing to show our crappy work. She shows us how every small step can lead to something big. She teaches us how we can achieve anything in life, if we’re willing to take action. She also challenges us to wake up early to get the stuff done that we “never have time for”.

Femke is a designer, writer and podcaster currently working at Atomic–an online prototyping tool for teams. In her podcast, Design Life, she talks about design, and side projects for motivated creators. When she’s not talking about design, she’s writing weekly about creative self-help for her newsletter. She also played classical violin for 15 years.

– Secret Identity/Origin Story (2:26)
– Biggest Superhero (9:52)
– Biggest Failure (13:25)
– Design & Personal Growth (19:28)
– Crappy Work Article (23:36)
– Design Superpower (36:56)
– Book Recommendation (40:07)
– Design Kryptonite (43:47)
– Habit Of Success (47:05)
– Stay Inspired (53:26)
– Invincible Resource (55:09)
– Best Advice (57:56)
– Contact Info (60:32)

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Atomic prototyping tool

Start with Why
The Power of Habit

Why You Need to Fail by Derek Sivers

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