065: Yes, AI Will Replace Designers with Jasmine Oh

User Defenders podcast
065: Yes, AI Will Replace Designers with Jasmine Oh

Jasmine Oh informs us that AI will one day replace our current jobs as designers. She challenges us to adapt to AI since no career field is exempt from its influences. She also reminds us not to fear AI but to harness it to our advantage instead. She reveals that AI shouldn’t be judged as a gloomy UX future but as a medium that supports our most meaningful work in new roles. She also encourages us to challenge stakeholders when shallow data is used to feed requirements into a product.

Jasmine Oh is a UX Designer in the Windows Product Direction team at Microsoft which is an incubation team helping define future vision of computing. She named herself after Jasmine the Princess from Aladdin. (Woo Jung is her official name, which means “friendship” in Korean.)

  • Working at Microsoft (4:58)
  • AI at Work (6:17)
  • 5-Year View of AI (8:03)
  • Today’s Work Intersects with the Future (10:16)
  • How Recognition Works (11:58)
  • How Long Before Jobs Are Gone (15:50)
  • Behavior and System Designers (17:36)
  • What Does the Future Designer Look Like? (23:34)
  • Being Human and Empathy (29:00)
  • Microsoft CEO (31:58)
  • Ways to Stay Ahead (33:25)
  • Educational Resources (36:30)
  • Design Superpower (40:13)
  • Design Kryptonite (40:47)
  • Secret Identity (42:51)
  • Double and Triple-checking the Facts (43:57)
  • Recommended Book (46:41)
  • Habit of Success (47:24)
  • Best Advice (49:06)

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The State of UX in AI with Josh Clark

User Defenders podcast
The State of UX in AI with Josh Clark

The State of UX in AI with Josh "Dr. Touch" Clark on User Defenders: Podcast

Josh Clark enlightens us to everything we need to know about the current state of UX in AI. He takes us on an unsettling stroll through uncanny valley. He encourages us to let machines do what they’re really good at, and humans do what they’re really good at. He guides us into how to begin getting our hands dirty with AI/Machine-Learning. He also articulates how our software/machines are embedded with values, and inspires us (for future’s sake) to be intentional about the kinds of values we embed into them.

Josh Clark spent nearly two hours with me talking all about the state of UX in AI. He answers important questions like:

  • How will failure and presenting errors be addressed as people rely on AI more & more?
  • Is there hope for the UX of Voice UI?
  • How do algorithm’s work?
  • What part of the AI development process should UX get involved?
  • Should we be worried about our jobs?
  • Will the machines we’ve built one day eventually overtake and possibly destroy us?
  • Much, MUCH more…

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