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010: Pay Attention to the Unseen with Jeff Barnaby

User Defenders podcast

User Defenders "Incognito" Jeff Barnaby

Jeff Barnaby inspires us to pay attention to the unseen and always keep it simple. He shares with us that organization is the most important factor to success. He also encourages us to keep ourselves and our clients educated and that ours and our clients personal preferences should come last and our users’ should come first.

Jeff Barnaby (Incognito) is a Creative Director, UI Designer, Web Developer and branding aficionado, He’s the man behind the powerful UX Design and creative agency Brandhorse based in Los Angeles. California. He’s also quite the chef and always a sharp-dressed man.

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Artwork by Cesar Lemus | Editing by Chris Combs | Music by Wyman Gentry

You can go a long way with zeal and fervor in your work especially starting out. Take advantage of that hunger and unrelentingly consume everything related to the work you’re setting out to do. Pay attention to the unseen.

Information and content informs how and why you design something a particular way. Without the proper set of information structure, jumping into any design is really a setup for failure.

Simplicity. Less is more. We’re evolving to empower the user by allowing them to make more informed decisions usually based on instincts and intuitive direction.

Simplify, then oversimplify. Understand that less is more, only give the user the necessary options they need at any given moment, and let them choose where they end up being in your system. Then gain insight on their decisions and take action on those insights to improve.