Land a Job in UX Series

Testimonial of how this Land a Job in UX Series helped someone land their dream job.

I created this Land a Job in UX Series with the help of some amazing UX superheroes (scroll down) to help all of us have some solid information and inspiration on the most important areas of our super-important, yet often challenging venture known as landing a job in UX.

You may or may not need this info now, but chances are pretty high you will in the future (so definitely bookmark this). Truth is, no matter how long we’ve been at our job, we’re only one conversation away from not having one (and I found this out personally recently).

Hope you find value in it, and some of the super-valuable nuggets of wisdom that are shared help you land your next UX dream job!

Fight on my friends! – Jason

“I’ve got an in-person job interview today. I am nervous AF, but I feel like I can wow them with who I am as a person and my skills. Thank you @UserDefenders for your episode on landing your first UX job. It was a reminder to be authentic.” – CJ Jensen

080: Everything I Know (So Far) on Landing a Job in UX with Jason Ogle

This is the last episode of 2021. After nearly two years of outlining the content for this episode and nearly two months (at time of writing) of recording and editing, here’s everything I know (so far) about landing a job in UX. I hope this content is not only useful to you and anyone you know looking to land their first (or next) job in UX, but I sincerely hope this episode is greatly inspirational and even life-changing for you. 👊 Jason

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079: Listener Spotlight – Landing My First UX Job

  • User Defenders: Podcast Listener Spotlight with Jordan Burke and Joel Ryerson

Here’s a fun treat I’ve never done before. In this episode I shine the spotlight on listeners Jordan Burke + Joel Ryerson who recently landed their first job in UX! Hear them tell their inspiring stories of their journey getting here while gaining some valuable insights on how you can too! I was blown away at the depth, insight, authenticity and value they both added with their motivational and entertaining stories of struggle and ultimately triumph!

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055: How to Get Your Foot in the Door with Andy Budd

  • Land a Job in UX Series: User Defenders: Podcast with Andy Budd on How to Get Your Foot in the Door

Andy Budd reveals what the hiring minds of companies are really thinking. He answers how to navigate the recruitment process and presents an invaluable insight that shows how to subvert it altogether. He urges us to be more of who we are and to recognize that each of us has unique talents that are fit for the right organizations at the right time. He also emphasizes that it’s up to each job seeker to communicate their personal value if they want to land the job of their dreams.

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056: Building an Effective UX Portfolio with Sarah Doody

  • Land a Job in UX Series: User Defenders: Podcast with Sarah Doody on Building an Effective UX Portfolio

Sarah Doody challenges us to think of our portfolio as one of the most important products we’ll ever create. She urges us to not only communicate our contributions, but to both show and tell the story of each project. In the end, she teaches us that using the right process is more than just about landing our next UX job–it will also make us better designers.

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057: Interviewing Like a Boss with Andy Vitale

  • Land a Job in UX Series: User Defenders: Podcast with Andy Vitale on Interviewing Like a Boss

Andy Vitale teaches us all about how to interview for our next UX job like a boss. He emphasizes the importance of avoiding jargon, and at all costs the temptation to conflate confidence with arrogance. He reminds us to be prepared to get way out of our comfort zones, and even offers smart techniques on how to cope with the discomfort in those critical moments. He also points out that pay isn’t everything, and that a fantastic work culture can make all the difference.

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058: Finding the Right Cultural Fit with Justin Dauer

  • Land a Job in UX Series: User Defenders: Podcast with Justin Dauer on Finding the Right Culture Fit

Justin Dauer implores us never settle in our important quest to find the right cultural fit. He reminds us that being human-centered doesn’t just affect our users, but especially the humans we interact with. He encourages us to think hard about where we choose to hang our hat, & understand what the ramifications of the wrong decision may be. He also reveals the maze of signals to watch out for in our search for the culture that will foster our creativity, & empower our passion to produce what could be our greatest work…yet.

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