AEA Denver Live Podcast Recording

I’m super-excited to be invited to record a live podcast at An Event Apart’s first ever Denver appearance. It’s going to be a very special event. I’ll have a panel of speakers on stage with me answering some of my questions, and some of yours as well!

Please fill out the form below to have your question considered for the event.

Thanks in advance, and until December…fight on my friends!

Jason Ogle
Host of User Defenders podcast

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While you’re here

I’d love to introduce you to the podcast if you’re unfamiliar with it. I interview UX superheroes who fight for the users, in order to inspire and equip you to do the same.

Check out these interviews I’ve done with AEA Denver speakers and/or A Book Apart authors:

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030: Content for All with Aaron Gustafson
028: Be Persistent with Chris Coyier
027: Looking Down the Road with Aarron Walter
020: Stay Enchanted with Jeffrey Zeldman (2-part interview)
Design for Real Life with Eric Meyer & Sara Wachter-Boettcher
018: The Beauty of Simplicity with David Demaree
015: Going the Distance with Rachel Andrew
013: Practice What You Do with Dan Mall
009: There is No “Big Time”, There’s Always Something Ahead with Josh Clark